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The Italian Football Federation Interested In Reappointing Conte As Italy's Manager

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Antonio Conte has confessed he would have to settle his differences with the Chelsea board if he is to determine the last year of his contract but would anticipate "several unique situations" to start up at rival clubs if he departs from the summer. "In 14 years, Chelsea has shifted mentor 10 times, so that they do tend to chop and change here," the 48‑year‑old informed Mediaset Premium. "The media plays on this as soon as the results are negative and they were talking about me getting sacked after we dropped the first game of the season to Burnley. In actuality, I like pressure. I hope it does not affect the players. In our line of work, we have a bag. My aim is to stay here but if something were to change there could be several scenarios. "It is no problem for me. Anything can happen in football and I intend to honor it although I've said very clearly I have a contract. I am happy to proceed forward with the union, everyone has to be in agreement. All parties have to be happy."

The Italian Football Federation has expressed an interest in reappointing Conte as Italy's manager, though he's more inclined to stay in the club match if as expected, given his tempestuous relationship with the board, he renders Stamford Bridge early. Conte had requested Eden Hazard to play as a fictitious No 9 against Barcelona, a part in which the Belgian has amazed at times but found hard against top sides, before shifting Hazard to the left upon the introduction of Álvaro Morata late on. "To be honest, I enjoy the function as a fictitious No 9 however, in games like this against an excellent opposition, it is difficult," Hazard said. "You do not get a great deal of the ball. I believe 25 balls may have touched and 15 of them flew towards my mind. That is not playing to my possessions.
"I have won any aerial duels, against [Gerard] Piqué, so I think that it's not bad. However, if I had to choose, I would like to play like I did in the last ten minutes. It. On the wing I feel more comfortable; that is my place. situs judi bola

"We are going to see how we'll play in Barcelona. We must provide the maximum, defend but do with the ball. The pitch is larger also in Barcelona, so we'll see which surprise that the supervisor has in store for us. Chelsea's director, Antonio Conte, is Italy's best choice as national coach. "I have not chosen yet but I believe Conte is the person who could perform the best," the Italian football association's vice-commissioner, Alessandro Costacurta, told Tuesday's Gazzetta Dello Sport. "I will certainly talk with him in a few months." Conte, whose future at Stamford Bridge remains unclear, coached Italy into the 2016 European Championship quarter-finals before joining Chelsea. Other trainers being contemplated by Costacurta include Roberto Mancini, Carlo Ancelotti, and Claudio Ranieri.

"[Conte] has shown he knows how to become national team coach while others have not yet," said Costacurta, the former Milan and Italy defender who's in charge of picking out the trainer under the federation's crisis administration. "That does not mean I would not be pleased with Mancini or with Ancelotti -- although [Ancelotti] appears to have removed himself from consideration." Luigi Di Biagio was encouraged by the squad as an interim replacement. Italy plays friendlies against Argentina and England next month and doesn't have a competitive game until the Nations League begins in September. Conte trained Italy from 2014 to 2016 and declared his move to Chelsea before Euro 2016.

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The 2020 European Championship Will Be Held In 12 Cities

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Lower league club owners and owners are expected to express misgivings about plans to scrap FA Cup replays so as to adapt a winter break from the Premier League. It's understood that a winter break is a step closer to being consented after the FA, Premier League and Football League reached a provisional agreement to play the FA Cup fifth round at midweek in the 2019-20 season. The deal would yield tournaments in the future, and players the first two weeks of February off from the hope it'll improve the chances of England should they qualify.

"I think it's a shame from the general standpoint of the FA Cup but, generally speaking, for lower league clubs, reaching the fifth round is a massive prize in itself," he said. "Maybe a potential compensatory adjustment could be sharing the prize money evenly between the winner and loser." Accommodating a winter break will mean breaking the longstanding FA Cup tradition of weekend ties to permit all Premier League clubs and their players to get at least 13 days with no game, with top-flight fixtures split over two weekends so. The 2020 European Championship will be held in 12 cities throughout the continent at the end of what is allowed as the first season with a winter break. The premise behind the concept is that England would have the benefit of home advantage among the countries that are participating. agen sbobet

England has an edge because Wembley has been selected for seven games, including the semi-finals and the closing. If they reach the final, England could play with six. The EFL has been participating in discussions but the winter break wouldn't apply in the Championship, League One and League Two. The program for each branch means there is less flexibility. Talks are centered on scrapping FA Cup fifth-round replays, even though it's understood that there are worries replays in earlier rounds may also be abolished. Paul Tisdale, the director of League Two Exeter, said abolishing third- and fourth-round replays would be catastrophic for lower league clubs. "I could see in the top end they believe there are too many games but it would surely be to the detriment of lower league clubs especially if replays were scrapped in rounds three and four -- which would be a really sad moment.

"It really is once every 10 years that your team has that and it makes a difference. We played Liverpool in 2016 at a replay and made enough money in that tie to cover artificial turf facilities for our academy. It enabled us to have the largest improvement to our facilities in 10 years thanks to a single game so that it would be really unfortunate if we dropped replays completely." The last decision on a winter break rests with the FA but it is known the Premier League is pleased with the concept of a winter break, in principle. It would bring England's top tier in line.

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